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Hospitality entrepreneur / manager Fast Track

Aanmelden BOL


Crebonummer: 25184
Leerweg: BOL
Niveau: 4
Duur opleiding: 2-3 jaar
Startdatum: September

You’re good with people and you want to make sure your guests are happy. You’re good at motivating others and you see what needs to be done. Working while other people are off is no problem for you. You like working hard and you feel responsible for your work. You have a good eye for details. You’re good at English. And maybe you want to work in another country or in an international environnement.
There are lots of possible jobs in het hospitality industry. But you could also run your own company. A nice restaurant or hotel, for example. You are a quick learner. And you like to work and study hard. Our fast track program for the English hospitality entrepreneur/manager education might be suited for you.

Your future

As a hospitality entrepreneur/manager you are responsible for all aspects of your company. Your main concern is the happiness of your guests: they have to be satisfied when they leave. After all, they pay to relax and have a good time. Therefore, everything needs to be all right: from the smile on your staff’s face to the hygiene in the kitchen. You always remain calm. Even if it’s busy or things go wrong. You make sure problems are solved and people are happy when they go home. As an entrepreneur you must know the financial situation of your company. That means that you also have administrative tasks, like bookkeeping.

What the course looks like

The hospitality entrepreneur/manager course is a vocational training course (BOL) and lasts 2,5 years. Parts of the educational program will be given in English. As part of the course you will for instance practice in our own special environment of ‘Leerhotel Het Klooster’ and in the second year, you will be encouraged to follow an internship in a foreign country. At the end of the abbreviated tailor-made program you will receive a certificate together with your diploma, as a proof of the fact that you have done this course in fast track.

The Ministry of Education and employers’ organizations have agreed on what a hospitality entrepreneur/manager (Level 4) should be able to do. This consists of a general part and a profile part, as well as a number of units which can be chosen. All together they are what we call the core tasks. These are set out below.

Core tasks

During the course you will learn the following core tasks:

  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Managing a business.
    Assisting catering providers.
  • Assisting accommodation providers.

Compulsory subjects during this course are:

  • Career, life and citizenship;
  • Professional skills, English, Dutch, German, economics and mathematics, entrepreneurship.

Optional subjects

In addition you will be offered a number of optional subjects during the course. This means that you are able to choose the content of part of the course. You will be given information about the various optional subjects and told when you need to make your choices during the course. An optional subject may relate to the same profession that you are studying for, but it may also relate to an aspect of a different profession or may assist your progression to a following course within mbo or hbo (intermediate vocational education or higher professional education). Optional subjects is a required part of your eduction.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements for the first year:

  • Certificate of promotion from 4th to 5th year higher general secondary education (havo) or pre-university education (vwo).
  • Vocational diploma level 4

An interview and entrance exam may form part of the admission process.

This is a customized program. Please note that the educational team determines whether you meet the criteria that apply for the shortened training. You will receive further information during the first career planning meeting.

Cost of the course

When your age is below 18, you do not pay a tuition fee. From the age of 18 the tution fee depends on the study / educational track. Fulltime students (Dutch: BOL) are obligated to a annual tuition fee of € 1.168,-. The tuition fee is estimated yearly by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences and can therefore vary (slightly).

Additional costs

  • €  550,- Books year 1 (year 2-4: € 80,-)
  • €  450,- Professional clothing (first year)
  • €  155,- Knife set (first year)
  • €  135,- Other learning resources

Note: You need a laptop for this course.

Follow-up educational opportunities

  • Hogere Hotelschool (university of applied sciences in hotel management)

Chance of an internship and work

Would you like to know what your chances are of finding an internship? Then visit kansopstage.nl, a website belonging to the body that promotes cooperation between vocational education and the business world, the Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (SBB).

SBB also provides information about employment market opportunities after completing your studies. You can find this on the website kansopwerk.nl.

The ‘Kansopwerk’ website indicates the probability of finding a job as a school leaver, at the end of your course. So what are the chances of finding a job in two years’ time in the case of a course that lasts for two years, and what are the chances in three years’ time in the case of a course that lasts for three years.


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